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Selling Johnnys goods

Hi guys!

I'm selling some extra Johnnys goods (uchiwas, clearfiles and photos) that have been piled up in my apartment for such a long time. Although they're all listed here because it's the easiest place for my to post everything, feel free to also contact me through Twitter (@tonbo) or Tumblr (akumanakoi) if you would prefer that to commenting here.

Prices do not include Paypal fees (which you will be responsible for) or shipping (from Japan).


Selling all for 500 yen each, aside from the Tegoshi one which isn't in its plastic, so I will sell for 300 yen.


Selling for 400 yen each! All are still wrapped in their plastic.


Selling for 200 each! The special NEWS one (bottom picture, top left) is 600. If you'd like better pictures of the ones in the albums, let me know. I left most of them in there to keep them in good condition. I didn't number the photos so if you're interested please link me to the picture of the photo you want and let me know which one in the picture it is.


Anan - 500 yen each

EDIT: Ohkura's Anan has been sold.

Look At Star - 500 yen each