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Kuroko no Basuke Stage

I made a bit of a lightning trip to Tokyo yesterday to watch the Kuroko no Basuke stage play. Originally I had planned on getting a night bus on Friday, but I knew I would finish work really late and it was hard to find a cheap bus that left as late as I needed. So I decided to risk taking a bus Saturday morning. A risk because the bus would arrive only 55 minutes before the stage started, and I had to take a short train journey (only 7 minutes, but adding entering and exiting the station) and then a 15 minute walk to a theater I had never been to before.

As it turned out, it became even more of a risk because the bus was a little delayed and arrived at Shinjuku station at 12.15. I then didn't get on a train to Ikebukuro until 12.31, which got me there at 12.37. I walked so fast from the station and ended up entering 10 minutes before the play started. Luckily, the theater was well signposted and easy to find. I was glad that my seat was on an aisle (and on the back row, by the way) since it was easy to get to. Being at the back wasn't so bad. I was on the second floor so although I was far back on the back row, I could see everything perfectly and got a good view of the entire stage. I kind of wish I had been able to see it twice, once from further forward, but I was happy with my view.

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