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Izaki Ryujiro's Birthday Event

I made my second trip in two weeks to Tokyo on January 31st, to go to Izaki Ryujiro's birthday event. This event has been announced for what seems like a long time, and I had been excited for it since the moment I bought my ticket. Out of all the events I had tickets for at the time, it was probably the one I was most excited for. So, the day finally came!

When I went into the building, I found they were selling photosets. I vaguely vaguely remember when they announced the event originally they said they would have them, but there had been no further details since (until they posted a blog about it the day before, but I didn't see it). I immediately bought all 5 sets (which I will scan later, they all look amazing!). Then, I went into the hall. My seats for both shows were good, the first show was the least good of the 2, on row D.

Soramu was the MC for today, and after his performances doing speeches during Tenimyu I wondered how the hell he got the job, and I'm still wondering. XD First, they had him do the pre-show announcements I figure he was only reading from a sheet but he couldn't even do that properly and kept stopping and starting and stumbling and he got so many laughs before he even came on the stage. Then, he appeared in person. He started going on and on about how nervous he was and how "I'm the master of ceremonies!" and then suddenly he said, "wait, does everyone know who I am?" and everyone did and he seemed relieved that he didn't have to introduce himself. Finally, he introduced Izaki who appeared on the stage.

This is what they looked like, by the way:

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Comic Jack

Yesterday, I went to Tokyo to watch Comic Jack: The Return at the Kinokunia Southern Theater. I went to both the afternoon and evening shows that day. I only wish I could have stayed overnight to see it the next day too, because I had that much fun. Having known very little of the story beforehand and having not seen the previous version, all I really had to go on was pictures and the fact that it had one of my favourite actors in, which is not much to go on at all.

The story of the play follows Asato, a passionate mangaka whose editor is not happy at all with the quality of his work, and tells him a good manga needs "action, violence and spectacle". While trying his best to work out how to fill these requirements, he is unexpectedly transported into the world of his own manga. There, he finds that his own characters are not following his script. His hero, Jin, "Gateman", who has the power to banish people through a gate into another world, is 100% fed up of being a hero and appears on the scene drunk and reluctant (and hates Asato for giving him such a horrible outfit and cheesy lines). From there, Asato tries to persuade his characters to follow the story he has created, but realizes along the way that his idea of a good manga is a lot different to his editor's.

The main characters (I'm sorry there aren't pictures of them all, they're posting different characters for each show on their Twitter it seems, and so they didn't do them all yet. I'll keep updating as the shows go by):
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And on a personal note:

I'll admit that the reason I went to see this stage play was Izaki. I didn't know any of the other actors, or the story, but I bought a ticket the moment they went on sale, because of him. And of course, I wasn't disappointed. But more than that, Izaki Ryujiro makes me so happy to be his fan.No matter what role he's playing or who is around him, he puts every bit of his heart into it. I see it when he's on stage, and I see it when he talks about it before and afterwards. This is what he wants to be doing, and I'm happy to have been able to support him from his "beginning" in Tenimyu. I really hope that he continues in this way and keeps getting new stage plays (I don't doubt that he will) Maybe I should be telling HIM this, not you guys. I can tell him next week (if I can get those words out in Japanese XD). By the way, I've also been happy to see that so many of the Tenimyu cast have been to watch him perform in it as well.

During my second show, I was sitting in the front row. It's nice to watch from the front row (even if I did feel every vibration every time someone jumped on the stage), but it's also very difficult. It's a lot easier to stare from further back. Izaki's character spent a lot of time passed out, rolling around, or trying to regain his strength, and most of those things, he did right in front of my seat. I stared a lot. Luckily he wasn't looking in my direction and so I could mostly watch him safely. His hair was super messy from on top, I can tell you that, lol

Anyway, that's about it! Now I'm hoping for a DVD so that I can see it again.
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Review of 2015

I've been doing this for the past five or so years, because it's always nice to look back and see what has happened in my life over the past year. My life is basically fandom-based, so that's what the majority of this is, but I wanted to at least include a few other things too.


In May, my friend Laura from back in the UK came to visit Japan (and me). It was a super quick decision she made, since we discussed it when I was in the UK at Chrismas last year, but I was really glad she came. We took a trip to Tokyo for two days, doing some tourist things that I hadn't ever done either (we went up Tokyo Tower, and also walked through some of the parks and gardens in the city), and also took a trip to Kyoto where I'd never been before (I remember that day as being exhausting because there are STEPS EVERYWHERE). The rest of the time we spent in Nagoya where I showed her a bit of my own life here. She was only there for a week so it was really busy and exhausting, but we had a lot of fun and I hope she can come back again some day.

Second visitor of the year was my parents, who visited in October for two weeks. The last time they came was only six months after I first moved here, and so it was nice for them to come back now I'm a lot more settled here. As we'd visited Tokyo the last time they came we decided not to go again, but we did travel to Osaka to go to Universal Studios during Halloween, and to Nara to hang out with some deer. And again, the rest of the time we spent in Nagoya. We went to karaoke, visited some of my favourite places, and spent a lot of time relaxing too. We even went to some places that I'd never been to either. They even managed to spend some days finding things to do all alone since I had to work some days. I took my mum to see MAG!C PRINCE and we saw a little of BOYS AND MEN too. It was nice to show them those kinds of things too, and not just the reguar tourist things.

Aside from those two special visits, I also had the pleasure of spending time with a lot of other awesome people. On the left, me with Tina and the wonderful BOYS AND MEN fans from Taiwan, who have travelled several times this year to Japan to watch them. That particular photo was taken in July at the group's summer festival. In the middle, some of the Japanese fans we've seen several times throughout the year. Of course, this doesn't include all the other awesome people I've met this year who I don't have pictures with.Collapse )

I think that's about it? I'm sure there must be things I've forgotten and I really must keep track of my life better, but these are all the things that came to mind. I think this is long enough anyway.