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Tenimyu Aichi Shows

This past weekend, I practically moved into Kanayama's Village Hall for three days to watch Tenimyu's 3rd Season Seigaku vs Yamabuki 5 times. Having already seen it twice in Tokyo and once in Osaka, this brought me up to 8 times.I already wrote about thw show when I went to it before, so I'm not going to talk too much about the actual show again, but there were a few different and special things that happened so I'll at least talk about them.

  • After the intermission, St. Rudolph have their own "skit". We'd seen Christmas and New Year ones at the previous shows, but there were no special events this time. Instead, each of the characters (aside from Nomura and Yuta) changed personalities in order (they thought) to have a better chance of beating Hyotei. Akazawa was quiet and unconfident (and trying to change his yell to be nicer), Yanagisawa did impersonations of everyone, Atsushi was super super high tension, Kaneda was a yankee (and it was AMAZING) and Miyagi was super nice and complimented everyone. Each skit would end with them being threatened to have their partner changed unless they could make us applaud them, at which point they would turn back to normal and try and make us applaud them.

  • Being on the side of the stage that I was for most of the shows, I noticed that although Akazawa and Kaneda have their set little piece after the Golden Pair song, Kaisei had a variety of ways of being overly friendly with Akazawa. Linking arms, holding hands (my personal favourite), dancing around him. I never realised it changed until I saw it so many times, so the variety was nice. XD

  • What I also liked was the variation in Kikumaru refusing to take Inui's drink. My personal favourite was when he just yelled "IRANAI." at the top of his voice.

  • Nomura came up with various special moves involving famous Nagoya things (tebasaki and shachikko) and then one show he just became Harry Potter (.... more like Harry Potter than he always is).

  • On the Friday and Saturday shows we had the special coming-of-age speeches from Kazuki and Shuto. On the Saturday, when Zaiki announced for the new adults to step forwards, Reo stepped forwards as well. Kazuki said, "it's fine, you can do my speech for me." Which is so like him. But no, he had to to it himself. Kazuki was very well aware that he was repeating the same speech each time but he did not care in the slightest and was very vocal about it. XD On Saturday's afternoon show he said "Shuto's speech yesterday was really amazing, and I was inspired... but I'm going to say the same thing as I did yesterday."

  • On Saturday evening's show, when Zaiki asked the new adults to step forwards, Shun and Daiki (the oldest members of the cast at 24) stepped right to the back of the stage, and Reo called Shun an old man.

  • By the way, Zaiki fails at announcing anything. He kept stumbling over his words. Not so perfect in real life, clearly. And speaking of which he also tripped over himself during his curtain call and almost fell over. Elegant.

  • At the final show they did some speeches at the end. Sana, being from Aichi, got to do a speech. He said two years ago he went to the same theater to watch one of the Tenimyu musicals, so said it was amazing to be standing on the stage all that time later. Naoya made the mistake of asking Akutsu a question during his speech and almost got himself beaten up. Kenya's entire speech was about how Miyagi sings too loudly in his hotel room.

And a few personal notes...

  • I only had a ticket for the final show, and for the others I relied on fanclub tojitsuken coupons which I bought the week before the show. I ended up with amazing seats! Friday was an aisle seat two rows back from the center walkway, and both of Saturday's shows were ON that walkway (and one was in the EXACT center of the room). These seats gave me great views during the St. Rudolph skit where one cast member would always walk down the center walkway. It also meant I was super close to the cast during the encore and got some high touches too. For Sunday afternoon's show I was four rows back but close to the side. I couldn't see the stand on my side of the stage when it was pushed back, but aside from that I could see everything and was really close, so I was happy with that. I actually like tojitsuken tickets because I like the surprise of finding out where I'll sit when I arrive.

  • After Saturday's show finished I went through the omiokuri as usual. What was special about this one for me was that Kenya and Kaisei were representing St. Rudolph. My top two in the team (and Kenya is one of my number 1s over all). When I saw Kenya in the distance I basically forgot everything else, and I still don't remember who was there from Yamabuki. When I got to Kenya I made a heart with my hands (I've seen other people do it with their favourites, it's not unusual) and he gave me one back, so I spent the entire walk home grinning and flailing on Twitter.

  • If you're in the fanclub, you can claim a free postcard inside the venue. For this musical, 100 of those postcards have the chance to get a handshake rather than the regular send off where cast members just wave). On Sunday, I was finally lucky enough to win a handshake, and not only that, I won for both shows that day. It must have been my lucky day. For the first show I had Kamisato (Fuji), Seiya (Horio), Shota (Akutsu), Mashiro (Dan), Riku (Yanagisawa) and Kaiki (Yuta). I was terrified to meet Shota because his character is so terrifying, but he smiled so it wasn't so bad. Kamisato told me "thank you very much" and Kaiki practically whispered a "thank you". Seiya had the hugest creepy grin, and Mashiro was just adorable as expected. For the second show I had Kazuki (Ryoma), Shuto (Momo), Jin (Kita), Yuma (Nitobe), Miyagi (Mizuki) and Daiki (Nomura). Getting to handshake with Kazuki, one of my favourites, was an awesome end to my Tenimyu weekend. Shuto was super excited to see me agan, which was nice. And of course shaking hands with THE MIYAGI KOUDAI was a pleasure.

  • Most bizzare moment of the weekend was on Friday's show when I got to the end of the show and went to line up for the omiokuri and realised I had been sitting in front of Terasaka Raiga and Nakahara Sota from BoyMen Kenykusei. I expected Raiga would go and see it since his dream is to play Ryoma and he loves Tenimyu, but I was not expecting to be that close. It was kind of surreal (I probably could have spoken to them after we finished the omiokuri but eh, it was their private time so I left them alone).

Now Aichi is done, there are two more shows I'm planning to go to, on February 14th in Tokyo, to make a total of 10. Then it will all be over until the St. Rudolph and Yamabuki Team Lives.
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