February 18th, 2016

tenimyu / akazawa and kaneda

Unlucky day but awesome Tenimyu shows.

I'm a little late posting this, but last Sunday, Valentines Day, me and Tina took a trip to Tokyo to watch the Seigaku vs Yamabuki musical for the final (my 9th and 10th) times.

I can't start this entry any other way than to talk about how completely unlucky my day was. Like, seriously. XD

First, I got my umbrella out because there was a little rain and I didn't want to get wet at all. About 30 seconds after I put it up, this huge gust of wind blew it inside out and broke it. I tossed it away, and because it was barely raining, decided not to stop by the combini to buy another (the weather forecast said the rain would stop soon and I didn't want to have to carry around one all day). Of course, it then started to rain SUPER HARD.

Because the rain was getting bad and we didn't want to stand around, Tina suggested we make a run for it across the road as the light was going to go red soon. So, we ran. I got basically to the sidewalk and then there was this plastic slightly raised thing on the ground that I guess was one of those things to help blind people. I stepped on it with my shoes that have no grip whatsoever, and just slid. I landed right on my backside on the wet ground. It didn't really hurt too much so I stood up and got properly on the sidewalk. Then I remembered. MY PHONE. It was in my back pocket. I pulled it out, opened the cover and was greeted by a smashed screen. I only had this phone since October and I was so sad (I got it fixed pretty quick by going to the Apple Store the next day, but still...)

In Tokyo Dome City Hall, I almost managed to fall through a door that looked like a wall (honestly, why would they do that...), and also tripped over the carpet at some point too. You would think by then, I would have had enough bad luck right? Right?

For the second show, I got in line to get my fanclub postcard, just like I had the first time. I had decided to choose one of the Seigaku postcards but at the last minute I decided to change to Yamabuki. Maybe something was drawing me towards Lucky Sengoku since my day had been so unlucky. Then, while waiting at the front of line, the girl in front of me chose Yamabuki and got a handshake coupon. I figured the chance of two in a row wasn't that great, so changed my mind again. For some reason, even though I should have gone back to my original Seigaku choice, somehow I went for St. Rudolph (even though I have 3 already, compared to two of all the others) and got nothing. Then Tina swooped in behind me, chose the Seigaku one I had originally planned on, and got a handshake coupon. XD MY LUCK. It was my own fault that time though for being too drawn to the St. Rudolph postcard (those guys suck for being so handsome).

ANYWAY, despite all my bad luck that day I had been determined that because it was the last time I was going to see the musical, I was going to enjoy it to the fullest. And I really really did. A few things that made this show different:

  • They used the arena a lot more than the previous shows (even the Tokyo ones). Akutsu and Sengoku both walked through the arena at the beginning of their first scenes rather than coming from the side of the stage, and both of them also used the arena during their solos (that poor girl sitting where Akutsu was flailing around in the aisle, lol).

  • Jimi's song had a special valentines version where the screen had a bunch of hearts flying out of it.

  • KANEDA'S HAIR. For one of St. Rudolph's parts there's been this running theme where Kaneda changes his hair. Up until this time it had been, or I'd only seen it, where he had one little bang on one side while the rest remained swept back. But this time he did it in a style like Momo's. XD He was hiding behind the other cast for the entire scene until it was finally revealed. I love that guy so much.

  • St. Rudolph did a Valentines day skit for their scene after the intermission. It was similar to their Christmas one but this time they were all dressed as delivery guys and threw chocolates into the audience. I really loved Akazawa's deadpan "choko ageru yo!" Kenya came up pretty close to our area but he couldn't really throw chocolates to us from his position. He did manage to drop three of them down the steps though and had to go fetch them. XD

  • They changed the cafe music for Taka and Akutsu's scene from Dream Maker to Shizuka Naru Toshi. XD

  • Shun. Oh my god Shun. He's either a troll or a genius or probably both. During Oishi's scene where he has to stop Fuji and Ryoma playing in the rain, he got to the front of the stage and for some reason decided to stand in between them and conduct an invisible orchestra. Half of the cast had to turn away because they couldn't deal with it (except Zaiki who remained flawlessly in character throughout). Oh, and during the first show Shun almost tripped over during that scene too. What a guy.

  • Fuji ALMOST remembered Mizuki's name, lol. He's getting there. Not that Mizuki was any less mad.

  • They had a new routine for us to do for the encore! Each team had a different routine. It made a change from how they had done it previously and the routines were really cute. When they came into the audience at the end Yanagisawa was with our block in the first show and Kita for the second. They were both super awkward about doing the dance with us. XD

Of course, the other different thing about this show was the postcard we received. Which was one of our big reasons for wanting to see it again in Tokyo. I got the same postcard after both shows, but I managed to trade the first one for Ryoma/Akutsu which was the one I had wanted most. I tried to trade the other Tezuka/Muromachi one for the St. Rudolph doubles one, but we got out of the theater pretty late and by then most people had traded already, so I couldn't get one. But still, I got THE ZAIKI TAKUMA so it can't be too bad.

Despite not getting a handshake ticket this time, I was at least really really happy that Kenya was in my final omiokuri. I gave him a heart as I had the previous time, and he gave me this huge goofy smile and blew me a kiss. After all my bad luck that day, it ended with an amazing lucky moment like that. I just wanted to flail and thank Kenya for making up for all the bad luck I had (I thanked him in his blog later). By the way, Kaisei was in the first show's omiokuri so I got the complete set! I also gave Kaisei a little heart and he kind of grinned and waved harder lol. That cute smile of his.

So, with that, it's over. I saw this musical 10 times and even after seeing it so many times, I didn't get bored. There's so many different things to focus on each time, and with all of those different adlibs, and the omiokuri, there's always something new. Honestly I've talked about this musical so much that I don't even know how to talk about it any more, but just a few general points:

  • Akutsu is completely terrifying, but in the best possible way. I love him as a character, and I love Shota as his actor. His solo song is in my top 5 solo songs from all of the season 3 musicals so far. His match with Ryoma is one of my favourite three matches. I loved every moment that he was on stage every time I watched it. It's one of the things I'm most sad about not being able to see live again.

  • St. Rudolph had such a lot of stage time in this musical, which made me happy. I loved watching their skits after the intermission. I was glad to go to so many different performances, because we saw a variety of different ones, especially with going at Christmas, New Year, and Valentines Day. This musical is basically what made me fall in love with Akazawa and Kaneda (and of course, Kenya and Kaisei) because of all of their interactions and cuteness. GOOD COMBINATION, guys.

  • I loved all the little adlibs. Kikumaru refusing to take Inui's drink in various ways. All the various doubles pairs joining in with the GP song. Yuta's random dancing to his phone ringtone. Nomura being a geek and coming up with weird moves. Etc. Etc. It makes it worth going to see it so many times to see what they come up with next.

  • Still can' t deal with Sengoku, and Morita Touya needs to step up his game and stop being lazy (sorry kid).

  • Golden Pair needed a better song (or no song at all), in my opinion (sorry).

  • The handshakes and all the extra venue-specific things made it extra special this time. I was lucky enough to get two handshake tickets (on the same day, in Aichi) and it was a lot of fun even if I was really nervous. In general, I was satisfied with who I got for all of them, especially getting Kazuki there for it. One day I WILL shake hands with Kenya though, I'm determined (maybe if they do a release event for the Team Live DVDs again?).

I'm sure there's more but I have to finish this blog or it'll keep going forever. Anyway, next is the Team Lives and Dream Live!