January 13th, 2016

Tenimyu DVD High Touch Event

Yesterday (January 11th) I took a flying visit to Tokyo (I set off from Nagoya at 6am, arrived at 12, and left at 5.30pm) to go to the Tenimyu Team Live High Touch event. It seems crazy to go all that way just for a high touch but since most (all except 2) of the Seigaku and Fudomine members were there I had decided it was worth the trip. And was it? 1000000% worth it.

The event was to begin at 2.30, so at that time we all filed into the building and into the hall the event would take place in. There were seats, so they had as many people as could fit sit down to keep things organized. I was sitting on the third row from the front. They did a few warnings and announcements, including “you’ll probably get about 5 seconds to talk to each member” to which everyone went “ehhh?” because we were expecting nothing (actually, we ended up with even more time). Then, the boys came out! The Seigaku members were very calm and refined and managed to walk to their spots with no issue. Then Fudomine came out and there was a slight traffic jam during which Macha ran into Izaki who ran into Soramu and half of their water bottles went flying to the floor. Trust those guys to make a mess of things. I don’t think Izaki ever did find his straw.

The order was: Ryosei, Shuti, Kazuki, Shun, Reo, Kamisato, Zaiki Takikawa, Taro, Ryotaro, Soramu, Izaki, Macha, KobaTatsu.

Note: I wrote everything in English but I bolded the parts where we were speaking Japanese when I quoted.

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