January 4th, 2016

magic prince

Magic Prince New Year Event

Today, January 4th, me and Tina attended a Magic Prince event. It's my last day of vacation today and it was nice to have such a great day before I go back to work tomorrow.

I should start by saying that in all my over four years attending events in Japan, this was the most interesting yet. The event was a New Year Event, restricted to those who had purchased the box-set of all versions of their debut single (they had 4 such events over two days, so we had been asked to choose which event we would attend). The box would come signed and we were able to get our name and the date written on it by our favourite member at the event. Because of the limitations, there were just under 50 people there, which made it nice and intimate.

The event opened with them randomly choosing an MC for the event (Taishin, as the leader, is usually in charge, but they wanted to give someone else a chance). Kengo was chosen randomly from a box. It probably wasn't the best choice because I don't think MCing is his strong point, but I knew he would do his best at least. Unfortunately he did spend a lot of the time clinging to Taishin who had to help him out, but that's what leader is there for right? I'm glad to see they seem to be getting a long well recently anyway, I was a little worried about their relationship for a while.

Their first task was was to write their new year resolutions with ink on paper in one word, which is a common thing for people to do in Japan at the New Year. They only had space for three members to write at once and so Kengo dragged Taishin aside to stand with him while the others did their writing.

In the mean time, by the way, they had another challenge. When talking, they were not allowed to use any katakana words (basically any loan words from other languages, usually English). The person who failed the most times would have a penalty during their live afterwards. For Hikaru, whose favourite things are bread (パン) and rap (ラップ), it was particularly hard especially because Taishin kept catching him out by asking him about his favourite things. Kengo also struggled with not being able to say "live" (ライブ) or "concert" (コンサート) and was trying to describe these things without actually saying them. Kaoru, who likes soccer (サッカー) also had problems but he made it worse because he accidentally said it, and then yelled "ouch!" when he realised he'd done it, meaning another minus point.

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