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Tenimyu DVD High Touch Event

Yesterday (January 11th) I took a flying visit to Tokyo (I set off from Nagoya at 6am, arrived at 12, and left at 5.30pm) to go to the Tenimyu Team Live High Touch event. It seems crazy to go all that way just for a high touch but since most (all except 2) of the Seigaku and Fudomine members were there I had decided it was worth the trip. And was it? 1000000% worth it.

The event was to begin at 2.30, so at that time we all filed into the building and into the hall the event would take place in. There were seats, so they had as many people as could fit sit down to keep things organized. I was sitting on the third row from the front. They did a few warnings and announcements, including “you’ll probably get about 5 seconds to talk to each member” to which everyone went “ehhh?” because we were expecting nothing (actually, we ended up with even more time). Then, the boys came out! The Seigaku members were very calm and refined and managed to walk to their spots with no issue. Then Fudomine came out and there was a slight traffic jam during which Macha ran into Izaki who ran into Soramu and half of their water bottles went flying to the floor. Trust those guys to make a mess of things. I don’t think Izaki ever did find his straw.

The order was: Ryosei, Shuti, Kazuki, Shun, Reo, Kamisato, Zaiki Takikawa, Taro, Ryotaro, Soramu, Izaki, Macha, KobaTatsu.

Note: I wrote everything in English but I bolded the parts where we were speaking Japanese when I quoted.

Ryosei. He’s super tall. I told him I was nervous and wow he was tall and I really don’t remember what happened lol. The second time round I told him I would be going to the Nagoya shows five times and he basically looked at me like I’m crazy which is fine because I am. I think he has a little bit of Inui’s evil planted inside him.

Shuti. He asked me where I’m from and when I told him I’m from England he told me he had been there so he was really happy that I’m from there. I wasn’t aware of it and it was a nice thing to find out especially since I really do like him. The second time I went round, I asked him if he wanted to go to England again and he said he really wanted to go so I told him we should go together. XD he was so passionate about it. He was really fun to talk to.

Kazuki is awkward awkward awkward. I love him so much but I can’t talk to him. I apologized for sending him a letter in all English and he mumbled that it was okay. The second time, I mentioned to him that I was going to see the Nagoya shows 5 times and he was like “ohhhhhh.” I love his personality and it’s things like this that are the reason I like him, but I’m fine not having to talk to him. I just want to look at him and listen to him. XD

Shun… Shun Shun Shun. I needed him at the beginning really, because his smile is really calming and maybe I would have been less nervous. He is of course totally stunning up close and I was not disappointed at all. Amongst all the craziness going on around him he was calm, picked his words carefully, and was super mature. I don’t really remember what I said to him but I remember he told me thank you. And smiled some more.  I had meant to tell him that Oishi is my favourite but his smile happened and I couldn’t do anything. Sorry, Shun.

Reo. I’m not really a fan of Reo at all (I honestly don’t mean this in a bad way, he’s just super popular but I can’t really understand it and I have no interest) so I was a little worried it would show, but he was super nice and thanked me and smiled a lot so I have to admit he wasn’t so bad. From what I could see he had the same smile on his face permanently for the whole two hours, I wonder if his mouth hurt after that lol. The second time he was really happy that I had come around and told me to have fun at the Nagoya shows.

Kamisato. He told me “thank you” and then he said “my name is Yuki Kamisato”. So I said “my name is Josie” and he repeated my name back to me which was nice. So the second time I went round he expanded and went “thank you very much!”, so I told him his English was good and he got really embarrassed. I’ve always had a few issues with his face but I think I finally got used to it. XD it’s pretty okay up close. He was the one who surprised me the most, I think, because somehow I expected him to be a lot more shy than he was.

Zaiki. Whenever I see Zaiki up close I get a little blinded because he’s so handsome. Whenever he’s been there for the omiokuri too, I’ve thought “Ah Zaiki is there, that’s good” or “wow it’s Zaiki Takuma!” like he’s special (he is XD). So when I got to him and was face to face with THE ZAIKI TAKUMA I couldn’t do anything except that tell him I was nervous. He gave me this amused smile and thanked me and I don’t remember anything else. I’m just glad he remembered me the second time and thanked me for coming round again.

Takikawa. I was not prepared for this guy. I’m not really interested at all in him or his character and I struggled to think of anything to say. XD;; I looked at him and in my head I was like “crap, it’s him”.  But he’s a nice guy and he thanked me a lot, and his smile is really big and genuine. He seemed genuinely impressed when I told him I was going to the Nagoya shows 5 times. XD

Taro. I knew he was one of my favourites for a reason. He’s so so so so tall but he bent down to everyone’s level. He was so cool and enthusiastic and he asked me “Where from?” I told him “イギリス” and he went “Oh!! England!!” and then he said “I want to go!” (I have to admit I was impressed with that bit of English xD) The second time he was like “you came back?!” And I told him he was good at English and he said “no no no”. Don’t argue with me kid.

Ryotaro. He’s better looking in person, I think. I got such a sense of him being an “adult” which is weird because even though he’s the oldest he’s still a lot younger than me. Again, he’s not someone I’m really interested in so I struggled to find something to say but he said thank you in Japanese, and I said it back to him in English and he was really unsure for a moment and then he went, “ah, thank you.” He was a little awkward but not nearly as awkward as Kazuki.

Soramu. I told Soramu I was nervous, and he said “relax, relax!” and put his hands in a fight pose so I did the same. The when I went again he said “second time?” And I told him I was more relaxed now and he said he was happy. I also told him I liked Tachibana and he was happy about that too. By the way Soramu’s face is also really calming and his smile is nice. He was one of my favourite people to talk to because it was so easy. I wish him and Shun had been next to each other. Meanwhile Izaki had finished with his person and was creeping in on our conversation.

Izaki. Omg I waited my whole life for this, seriously. I felt a bit bad because I think they had been told to try and not talk about their other work (not that I knew that), and the first thing I said was that I was going too see him in Comic Jack. Luckily I immediately followed it by telling him I’m going to his birthday event too and it seems he was okay to talk about that. He was so happy and he told me he was looking forward to seeing me there. Then I went round again. He saw me and gave an excited “uwa!” He then said to me, “you’re from London right?” I did correct him and tell him I’m from England but not London, but inside I was just super happy that he remembered me. I asked him if he wanted to go to England and he said he did (he said that before in his blog when answering my question too).

Macha. I forgot how cute and jittery this kid was. I told him I was nervous and he said “me too!!” So we celebrated our shared nervousness together with a “yay!” as we high touched lol. He’s sooooo nice though, and super super super cute. The second time I went round I told him I was a little relaxed this time and he told me he was still nervous so I told him to relax.

KobaTatsu. I felt a bit bad because the first time, I was so done after going through everyone else that I barely said anything, just a thank you and I was gone, just hearing him telling me to be careful on the stairs (there was no staff right there so he was taking it upon himself to tell everyone XD) So the second time I made up for it and because he didn’t say thank you in English like everyone else had I said “can you speak English?” And he said, “I’m fine thank you and you?” Good enough, I guess, even if there was a vital part of the conversation missing. XD

Honestly after I’d gone round the first time I was so flaily that I didn’t know how the hell I was going to do it all again. I thought to myself “I should just go, I can’t do this again, I should just tell everyone I went twice and just leave.” XD but then I realized that this chance was rare and that I had come all the way to Tokyo and my sensible side kicked in. I was just glad the line was pretty long so I had chance to gather my thoughts and think about how I would get through it and things I could say to the boys. And I have to say, it made me really happy that they all remembered it was my second time round and that they seemed genuinely happy to see me again (except for Kazuki who had probably hoped I had gone away forever XDDD)

Anyway, having finished both times round, I left clutching my phone and Tweeting EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED so I didn’t forget (sorry for the spam, people who follow me on Twitter) and headed back to the bus terminal for a long journey home. Honestly, I had such a good day that I didn't really get annoyed when my bus ended up arriving in Nagoya 40 minutes later than scheduled. There was a problem on the highway so we were crawling along super slowly for about an hour, which delayed us. We were meant to arrive at 11.15pm and we arrived at around midnight. I managed to just catch the last train home at 12.20. Wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have to get up for wotk at 7 on Tuesday morning. Either way, I was too full of happiness to care.

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